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Over the span of my long career as an internationally recognized freelance photographer, photojournalist and commercial photographer I gained  significant experience in implementing exhibition projects. I am specialized in realizing ideas into a tangible product. My body of work throughout the years taught me to always envision communication into reality. Into a presentation the viewer is able to understand and comprehend. 


While living in Brussels and being constantly confronted by the EU Institutions and their administrational behavior I realized how the world is being managed. My interests started to grow how I could learn to understand my clients from their perspective. I decided for online studies in management at the Open University Business School of England and finished successfully .


My idea to support companies in presenting their profile visually by finding their history within their own photo archive was embraced. I had different contracts with the Bertelsmann Foundation in Brussels, I organized rare photographs for a Beverly Hills Gourmet Store "The Cheese Store" during its wine tasting to visualize the manufacturing of food, I helped the beautiful design company "Artecnica" in Los Angeles to exhibit the iconic designer Gere Kavanaugh's body of work.


In 2005 the publisher Edition Braus published my book: "Iran. Standstill or Awakening". Numerous exhibitions worldwide followed showcasing my collection of photographs of Iran. I arranged the concepts and curated the exhibitions. Along with my experience as photographer I worked as an assistant to the Chief of UNRICC, Bonn, in Project Development, Public Relations and Marketing as well as for the Amerika Haus, Cologne, in Administration in the framework of event management. Last but not least is one of my favorite assignments: I advised the internationally renowned photographer Barbara Dombrowski in her strong visual engagement of climate change enabling her a cooperation with the UNFCCC in Bonn.


In my free time I work with my formerly wild mustang "Sugar Man" who I transported from California to Hamburg. Once in Germany I initiated a therapy project with an autistic girl in which both, the young wild mustang and the disabled young woman were learning how to build up trust and how to communicate with each other without any projections and expectations.

For any questions whatsoever please don't hesitate to write a message.


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